Give Baby the Gift of Good Night’s Sleep This Season

If there’s one gift I really appreciate all season during Noa’s younger years was a pack of diaper. When given in correct size and brand, it is something that the baby’s parents will thank you for because diapers are practical and very useful.


How do we choose the perfect diaper to gift or let the baby use after all? Here are the three (3) important things you can consider when choosing the best diaper for the special tots in our lives.

The ABC of Choosing Diapers

  1. Absorbent — Why are we letting the baby wear a diaper? It’s mainly because a diaper has the ability to absorb his multiple fee quickly. It should hold up and keep him dry up to 12 hours to ensure that he doesn’t get cranky in between his activities or disturb his sleep. Make sure that the diaper you are getting has the best absorbency feature.
  2. Budget-friendly –Let’s face it, times are hard and we want the best value for our hard-earned money. When I say budget-friendly I mean to equate this for the brand to provide the best diaper quality we can get. Not all diapers are created equal so make sure to do the math and see what diaper is better for you and your budget.
  3. Comfortable –Babies as they grow older become more curious and this means more movements. When choosing the best diaper, check on the diaper’s material and see to it that is soft, breathable and stretchable. It should not be too tight so it won’t leave marks and cause friction to irritate the baby’s skin.

Pampers Baby Dry is a diaper brand that I’ve personally challenged this year. I remember early this year, I have witnessed its performance and passed my ABCs in flying colors.



Pampers Baby Dry vs Brand X

I am sure that the moms of Manila, Cebu and Cagayan De Oro who participated during the Pampers Baby Dry Challenge can attest to the performance of the Pampers Baby Dry diaper.



Make this Season not just a season of giving but a season filled with non-stop fun, learning and dryness for the little ones. If you are still doing some last-minute shopping for your children, grandchildren or godchildren, grab a pack of Pampers Baby Dry in their size and give them the gift of dryness for a good night’s sleep this Christmas! ♥

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