Save The Best Holiday Deals at SnR

One thing I love most about the Holidays is shopping with the family.

A few days before the much-awaited season of the year, I brought my family to join me in my Christmas shopping at S&R. Despite the happy crowd of busy shoppers, I’ve always find shopping at S&R a happy one because of the great selections and bargains that is perfect for Holidays pig-outs and gift-giving.

My daughter’s favorite Libby’s Pork & Chicken Vienna sausage has a deal for this month so I decided to stack on it. I also spotted some Christmas baskets and fresh fruits that are very ideal to give to your family and friends.


Here are some of the deals you can check out if you’re heading to S&R for your Holiday shopping.




It has been a pleasure shopping at S&R for Christmas! In this photo is my mom, brother and daughter Noa during our last shopping trip to S&R. We were so happy to get our favorite Libby’s, Twinkies, chocolate packs, and a whole lot more!


Merry Christmas everyone and ’til my next visit to S&R next year! ♥

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