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An Unexpected Yet Beautiful Blessing

Life is indeed full of surprises.

I have been inactive on social media and blogging since 2016 started. It’s a step I did not choose to take but a lot of happenings took place in our family. We began January by starting to move in to our new home. It was a big family milestone for us–a mixture of hardwork, joy and excitement. Being married to a man who works oceans away from home, I had the task of singlehandedly overseeing the move out. Through the help of our families, Noa and I were able to settle and live in happily. As days went by, I started to get overwhelmed by the adjustments I had to make because of the new home.


We had no Internet, even free TV signal since we are waiting for it to be ready. I couldn’t blog nor share on my social media pages as I used to. My mobile data is unreliable, slow and unstable. I only get to be online for a few minutes when I step out to take Noa to school. I rarely say yes to attending events because I have no yaya or helper at all to allow me to leave like before. I am also in-charge of taking Noa to and from school. During my three-hour free time while Noa is not around, I do household chores and errands like cleaning, grocery shopping, paying bills, etc. Before I know it, time already lapsed. I got really lonely. My “social life” hit rock bottom.

For all these, Aunt Flo did not visit me for January. I highly blamed it for all the stress I’ve been through. By the third week of January, I got sick and it continued until about the first week of February.  I was expecting to reach the Shark Week but it still did not come. Again, I blamed it from being sick for almost two weeks. I continued being sick but I noticed that it was a different kind of sick that I experienced the previous week. I always feel bloated and irritated with any kind of smell–even the smell of the new place. Since my sickness didn’t seem to end, I decided to stay over at my parents’ house with Noa as I recuperate.

On the third day of my delayed period, a Wednesday, I finally convinced myself to take the test. I couldn’t bring myself to do it because my husband and I aren’t even trying to make Noa a sibling yet. In all honesty, at least I could say for myself that I am very much contented with having just one child. My husband and I also both know that we did it only once out of compliance (?) for married people on LDR (long distance relationship) one Sunday night, as he was reporting back to duty very early the next day.

Now that I have explained why I was hesitant to take a home pregnancy test because my limited mind highly doubts being able to conceive in such a rush, I couldn’t believe that I saw those two purple lines again after 4 years. I was still in utmost denial.

Three days later, I took another test because I know some home PTs could fail. I also started to doubt my own trusted PT brand (the same brand who detected my pregnancy with Noa). I Googled a lot about the possibility of getting two false positives and its causes because the second test I took still has those two solid purple lines. #StubbornessModeOn

It was two days before Valentine’s Day, a Friday that I held two positive PT kits in my hands.

I did not tell anyone just yet, even my husband. I wanted to be 100% sure by visiting my OB-GYN and undergoing an ultrasound. I don’t want them to expect nor raise their hope bar up high.

I decided to see a doctor yesterday. My heart was thumping like a first-time mom all over again. What if I only got two false positives? What if I’m not really pregnant? Or what if I really am pregnant? Am I really, really ready to take on the challenge of being a mom of two? What if it turns out a boy? I am so clueless of how to raise a boy!

And yes today, the bun in my oven is eight (8) weeks according to the transvaginal ultrasound I underwent yesterday. Prayerfully, a few days before, during or after my birthday in September, we are going to welcome our newest family member. Admittedly, this child is unexpected, just like when we had Noa, but definitely well-received and loved.

Did you know that Noa was born a week after my husband’s birthday?


My pregnancy is going smoothly by the grace and provision of God. Even if I am experiencing all the pregnancy symptoms like morning sickness, nausea and all, which is the exact opposite of my pregnancy experience with Noa, I am not complaining. Now I can fully attest to the fact that no two pregnancies are alike.

Please bear with me, my dear readers, followers and blog partners for a few more weeks as I am still in my first trimester. I am gathering all the effort I can to stay in the pink of health for the sake of the upcoming baby and Noa. Please pray with us for this pregnancy to push through safe and sound.

It really doesn’t matter if we are given another girl or a boy this round. We trust that God knows His plan for our family and we will continue to trust in Him. This baby is His gift to us after all.



Glaiza is a Filipino Home & Lifestyle Blogger, Proud Mom & Military Wife. She believes that a happy and informed family life is both a choice and responsibility. Motherhood is a blessing, and best traveled by sharing and inspiring others. ♥



Aww congratulations! 🙂



Aww. Congratulations! Kaya pala wala kang blog posts lately. hehe. Lagi po kasi akong nag-aabang. anyhow, congrats. i hope the baby will be fine and if it is a boy, he will be like his dad- a soldier from PMA. hehe. God bless Ms. Glaiza!


Mary G

Aww! Congrats po! 🙂



Happy for you, mare and tomeng! Extra care now mars. ???



Congratulations dearie!!!!!!!!!!


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