What You Need To Know About Your Oral Health Care

First off, thank you to the mommies behind Mommy Bloggers Philippines for nominating me to choose the right kind of toothbrush and be in one with the #SmilePilipinas Movement in spreading the cause of improving one’s oral health care.

Having a perfect set of teeth is something that we were not born in. Everyone has something that we feel inferior about when it comes to our teeth. With the kind of busy lifestyle that we have, we develop our own oral health care insecurities. I for one am not exempted to this problem since I like drinking coffee, cola and tea every now and then. This simple habit contributes greatly to one common problem that I and we, Filipinos, face which is plaque build-up, leading to different oral health issues such as tooth discoloration.

Three (3) Known Causes of Tooth Discoloration

in our teeth. When we neglect brushing our teeth after any meal we also neglect to remove the plaque and the stain-producing substances found in what we have just eaten or drank. Plaque is that thick, soft and yellowish layer found around or the in-between corners of the teeth. It is the thing that makes us feeling fuzzy on our teeth surface. When my teeth get a plaque build-up, it affects my confidence since I cannot confidently smile showing my teeth to people.

To help us address this embarrassing issue of plaque build-up, I am trying out the newest Oral B Pro-Health Cross Action Toothbrush for you today.

Seven (7) Benefits of Oral-B Pro-Health Cross Action Toothbrush

  1. It provides 7 benefits for a cleaner, healthier mouth
  2. Removes hard-to-reach plaque
  3. Promotes healthy gums
  4. Cleans along the gumline
  5. Polishes away surface stains
  6. Removes odor-causing germs on the tongue
  7. Massages gums


The Oral-B Pro-Health Cross Action Toothbrush provides superior cleaning with its unique 16-degree angle brush to remove up to 99% plaque and help prevent oral health problems.

On Experiencing the Oral-B Pro-Health Cross Action Toothbrush

After using the Oral-B Pro-Health Cross Action Toothbrush after every meal, noticed that when I roll my tongue over my tooth surfaces, it really felt squeaky ]clean and smooth. It also was able to clean the hard-to reach areas, corners and the in-betweens of my teeth. It also did a good job in cleaning my tongue and palate (mouth roof).

oral-b-pro-health-action-toothbrush-cleaner oral-b-pro-health-action-toothbrush-shot

As a mom, I partake in the #SmilePilipinas campaign by being an active advocate of good oral hygiene in my family. Teamed with our regular visit to the dentist, I will only use the best dental care products for myself and my family. With Oral-B, we can altogether say no to plaque, cavities and the other health insecurities brought by today’s lifestyle.


I’d like to pass on the #SmilePilipinas advocacy to my moms who write, Mommy Roxi and Momsterteacher Dew! 🙂

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