It’s Cool To Go Back To School With Deals at S&R

This year, my daughter has entered Kindergarten. As parents, these past few months have been financially challenging since we need to shell out money in paying for their school fees like uniform, books, and supplies. Having said this, even if we are always in the look-out for great deals available, we do not compromise the quality of the products we give to our children.

You will surely love the following Back-To-School Deals right now at S&R.


Have already mentioned how I love The Peanuts? Check out these really cute and rainy days must-have umbrellas from the world’s most-loved beagle Snoopy.



Save on your child’s schools snacks by checking out these delectable cookies from Hostess, Dare and Merba.




Cooking rice meals for your child’s snack? Whip up a sumptuous and healthy meal for him using this lean ground pork from Montana for only Php213.95 a kilo, plus you get half-a-kilo for free!



Still finding a backpack and stationery supplies for school? You can trust the durability of Hawk backpacks for Php999!


So mommies and daddies, what are you waiting for? You still have time to do your last-minute back-to-school shopping and score these deals at your favourite S&R brand. Tag the whole family along and for sure, you won’t go home empty-handed after your visit. You won’t resist putting something in your shopping cart!

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