Our Best Tandem with Pambatang Solmux at Kidzania Manila

We ended the month of May the fun way as we joined Pambatang Solmux on a trip to Kidzania Manila. Now on its third year, Pambatang Solmux Best Tandem Promo invited 30 mom-kids to a fun and educational day at one of the newest edutainment spots in Bonifacio Global City.


These 30 mom-kids tandem joined and won Pambatang Solmux’s promo by sharing their story of why they can be #SiguradoKa when it comes to their children’s cough. The moms also sent in their best photos posing with their child as they hold a 60ml or a 120ml variant of Pambatang Solmux.

Our Kidzania Manila Experience

Even if this is already Noa and I’s fourth visit to Kidzania, we still couldn’t get enough of it. There are still a lot of things to explore and role-playing activities to try. For every visit, we see to it to try those establishments that Noa hasn’t been. So, for that day, I asked Noa what she wanted to try first.

After exchanging our bank check for 50 Kidzos, Noa told me she wanted to enter the supermarket to serve as a shopper.

After being a shopper, she spotted the bookstore’s storytelling hub and read books.


For her first job, she worked at the hotel as a Room Keeper. Together with some older kids, she learned how to set the side table, fold towels and fix the bed. For this task, she earned about 10 Kidzos.


It was almost time for stomach to grumble when I heard the PA system calling us for to go to the Club House for a meal.


Pambatang Solmux prepared lunch for all of us at the Kidzania Clubhouse. This was a great time to meet and chat with the other mom-kid tandems while savoring the steamy rice, fried chicken, cheeseburger and apple pie.



As soon as we finish our meal, Noa was asking me to visit the airline Flight Simulator again. When we reached the location, the line was long and Noa backed out! Haha.

I asked my daughter if she wanted to do more work and what kind. We spotted the pet Animal Clinic and we spent the next 20 minutes there.



Noa’s last job for the day was an attendant at the next door laundromat wherein she learned how to sort, wash and deliver clothes.

To end her day at Kidzania Manila, I took her to the salon for some nail polishing. Why? I wanted her to learn that working is good but you also have to reward yourself for all the hard work. As the saying goes, “Work hard, party harder!” I feel that as a mom, it is also important for our children to learn the importance of a balanced lifestyle.


On Being a #SiguradoKa Mom

As moms, as much as possible, we do not want to take chances in taking care of our kids. This is the reason why we take our children to places like Kidzania Manila because we wanted to be sure that in the future, they will be able to live independently, arm them with the necessary life skills to survive and guide them to discover what they want to be later on in their life.


We also like to talk to other experienced parents for wise advice, consult medical professionals and even do our own research online if we have questions about the products and services before we introduce or give them to our family. We do this all in the name of providing the excellent care we can give to our children because we love them.


I am proud to say that Pambatang Solmux is one brand that I trust when it comes to Noa’s cough. If you know how children are, they are very picky with medicine. As parents, we struggle to give medicines to them especially if the taste is too bitter or sour for them. I am happy to say that with Pambatang Solmux, I don’t have a hard time giving it to Noa. My daughter likes its delicious strawberry-flavor!



Did you know that Pambatang Solmux is made by Unilab? It has been tried, tested, and recommended by moms and pediatricians for 35 years, and counting! Pambatang Solmux is recommended to use for children ages 2—12 years old.

Pambatang-Solmux-Product-ShotPambatang Solmux comes in two sizes:

  • Pambatang Solmux 60ml – Php97.80 (SRP)
  • Pambatang Solmux 100ml – Php 148.64 (SRP)

Thank you very much Pambatang Solmux for inviting us to join us at Kidzania Manila for The Best Tandem Year 3. It was so much fun! Be sure to be checking Pambatang Solmux on Facebook to keep yourself updated on their latest promotions, events and news that you and your children could participate in.

So be a #SiguradoKa mom especially now that the rainy season is here (and all-year round), by trusting only Pambatang Solmux for your children’s cough.

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