My S&R Members’ Treat Shopping Wishlist

It’s definitely back and only less than two weeks away before the S&R Members Treat returns!


Now that it’s only 12 days away (hopefully I will be strong enough to raid the sale), I am doing an early shopping list for the new baby and our home. Since there will be a new baby around, I am looking forward to scoring great buys on baby items like diapers, wipes and other newborn essentials.

Here’s a scoop I got.

UP Baby Wipes will be on the racks on sale! I will definitely check on this deal and stock up on this baby essential!

I am also on the lookout to shop for new home accessories like beddings, comforters, bath towels, and kitchenware. I hope they would also go on sale.

Since I have already given birth by the time of the S&R Members’ Treat, I’d love to stock on some ice cream from Ben & Jerry’s (that I miss feasting on) and fruits to help me in my postnatal recovery. Great news because products from Ben & Jerry will go on sale like Ben & Jerry Chunky Monkey, Ben & Jerry Chocochip Cookie Dough, and Ben & Jerry New York Fudge Choco.

What is in your S&R Members’ Treat shopping wishlist? Mark your calendars for the S&R Members’ Treat happening on September 30 (Friday) until October 2, 2016. Shopping raid starts at 8AM to 9PM.

Keep yourself posted on this latest shopping event by visiting the S&R Membership (Official) website or on their social media pages.

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