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Pregnancy Updates: What’s In My Maternity Bag?

Hello everyone! It’s been a while since I wrote something here about my pregnancy. The baby in my tummy turns 37 weeks today! The waiting game begins.

First of all, I’d like to apologize for not being able to post a lot in the past few months. I also rarely say yes to attending media events and launches. I’ve become really busy taking care of this little bun in the oven, and Noa of course. She’s now in Kindergarten. I still couldn’t believe the fact that prayerfully next academic year, we will already be sending her to elementary school.


Aside from the kids, I’ve also became busy wrapping up the construction that was done here in #ProjectHappyPlace. My husband and I rushed the upgrade since the new baby is coming. We wanted everything to be in place before the new family member arrives.

Thankfully, my pregnancy has been sailing smoothly. I am already feeling  some mild contractions in my lower back. I really feel that this kiddo is coming out probably in 2-3 weeks time. I am taking things slowly, lots of resting. I am praying to have another normal birth as planned.


I promise to be back to share with you the good news when the baby comes out. I have a lot of stories to tell you. My husband and I have agreed not to announce the gender of the baby yet to make things exciting for our family and friends. This means you will also have something to look forward to. Sorry guys for disappointing you! :p

I know you all understand this short online break that I am going to make. I am grateful for all your support despite my absence. You can still follow my adventures over at my blog’s Facebook and Instagram pages. I will do micro-blogging there. You can still send me private messages there, or email me and I will try my best to reply the soonest. 🙂

Here’s a quick rundown of what I have in my hospital bag. I did not pack a lot since I’ve learned best during my pregnancy with Noa.

What I packed in my maternity bag:

  1. Clothes — 3 pairs of pajamas and tops, 2 maxi dresses, slippers, socks
  2. Nursing Bras and underwear
  3. Toiletries — toothbrush, shampoo, soap, facial wash, etc. You can include toilet paper, wipes, sanitizer, alcohol, facial tissue, toilet seat cover.
  4. Towel and washcloth
  5. Thermal Breast pads (h0t/cold) and washable breast pads
  6. Massage Oil
  7. Maternity Pads
  8. Postnatal Vitamins — I packed a box of malunggay capsule
  9. iPad
  10. Blanket/Shawl/Malong

All our maternity bags are packed and we are ready to go to the hospital! Please say a prayer for me and the baby that we make it through safe and sound. And if God would allow it, the baby will be born on my birthday or on my husband and I’s 6th wedding anniversary if we reach 40 weeks. What a an incredible present to me if that happens! Thanks, everyone! ♥

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