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5 Newborn Essentials That Really Work

I could hardly believe that I am actually writing a post today. My kids are now all in bed and I have time to share a few things about being a second-time mom.

As a second-time mom, I am able to compare notes with my first experience being a mom five years ago. I recall being nervous, excited and a bit paranoid on my first child. Admit it, it was a trial and error because delivering a baby doesn’t come with a manual. As for the second, it was more relaxed. Most of the things I am experiencing again are already familiar. I pretty much have a grasp on what to expect and do.


On my second child’s fifth week, let me share with you five important things that made my task as a mom (with a preschooler around) easier and more convenient. Some of the things I will mention is a new product discovery, or already a household favorite.

#MoomyFavorites: When Nursing Newborn

1. Prince Lionheart Diaper Depot

The Prince Lionheart Diaper Depot is a life saver! From my firstborn to the second, I’ve always been on Team Pack ‘n Play since it is more functional and could be use for a longer time vs a crib (unless you got a crib that is convertible to a toddler bed later on).

Even if a playpen is a more practical piece, I am not satisfied with the side organizers or side pouches that goes with it. For this reason, I tried searching online for an organizer that will allow me put my newborn’s essential like diapers, baby wipes, ointments, alcohol, etc. within my reach.


I first noticed the reviews of the Prince Lionheart Diaper Depot over at Amazon and I actually considered ordering. Just a few more power search and I landed at the Rustan’s website. Eukeka, they carry the brand! I found myself walking around Rustan’s Makati a few days later!

I got the Prince Lionheart Diaper Depot for Php995. This is one of my best buy’s so far.

2. Mustela Vitamin Barrier Cream

Mustela is a household brand, an old favorite even since Noa was born. If there is one specific product that I swear by, my vote will go to their Vitamin Barrier Cream.


I have seen for myself how effective it is when Noa developed a bad diaper rash when she was a year old. All because I was forced to use another diaper brand on her (which was a gift). My mom and I just applied a generous amount of the cream on the affected area, let it sit overnight while wearing a cloth diaper, voila, it was gone the next day.

As for Missy, I noticed that she developed some circular and puffy-kind of rash on her nape yesterday, I immediately applied Mustela’s Vitamin Barrier Cream as well; and yes, it was gone today!

3. Nursing Pillow

Having a nursing pillow at home when you’re having a newborn is a must. It doesn’t matter if you are choosing to breastfeed or formula-feed your child. Your arms will thank you for getting a nursing pillow.

It will save your arm from numbness brought by frequent carrying and both breast or bottle feeding the newborn. Brands I’d recommend are My Brest Friend, Boppy, Mombo or if your budget is tight, Bloom from SM Baby Company. Don’t forget to grab a slipcover or two for your nursing pillow.

4. Halo Sleepsack

Forget those loose blankets since it is a culprit to infant suffocation. A wearable blanket is a safer alternative to loose blankets.


It is an investment that you can rely on for peace of mind at night when you and your newborn are sleeping. By all means, get a sleepsack for your little bundle of joy’s safe sleeping. Halo has also a 2-in-1 sleepsack swaddle just like what Missy is wearing on the photo.

5. Electronic Breast Pump

Again, it doesn’t matter if you are a work-from-home, stay-at-home or an office-based mom, if you chose to breastfeed your baby, there will be days that you will need to be away to do some things.


Four weeks postpartum, I expressed almost 5oz of breast milk for 30 minutes. Now at five, I am starting to get 7oz.

A breast pump is what you need if you decide to exclusively breastfeed. I am a work-from-home mom. There are days that I need to accompany my eldest to her school activities, run to pay the bills, or go to the grocery. Being a blogger, I also need to fulfill the commitments I made to support a brand by showing up to their event.

Bottom line is, I need to express milk for Missy for the times I won’t be around to nurse her. An ideal breast pump for on-the-go moms is something light, portable, easy to store, assemble, clean, quiet and could be powered by either electricity or battery.

I have a hospital-grade, double electric breast pump that I used when I was still an office mom when I nursed Noa. I still have it with me. Problem is, I am now too lazy to set it up when I want to pump. Cleaning it has also become a chore because I dislike all its long tubing. Not to mention, it is heavy to carry around. Not convenient!

The portable electric pump I am using now, which is Pigeon, saved me from all that. In fact I carried this breast pump with me when I attended my first event last Saturday at the Carter’s Philippines Launch.


Sacred by Six Months

Missy is using this very mild cleanser for her bath. We love it because it leaves her skin supple, smooth and still baby-like.


It is very easy on the skin, and rinsing it off won’t take long. In short, madaling banlawan. I recommend this for newborns because it of its very natural and simple ingredients. The simpler, the better for a newborn’s virgin, sensitive and sacred skin.

Mega Malunggay

Mega Malunggay is one of my trusted breastfeeding arsenals. It is packed with 500mg of powdered malunggay to boost your breast milk supply and 100mg of non-acidic Vitamin C for stronger immune system.

Quick early breastfeeding tips:

  • First few weeks (I even reached 4th) of breastfeeding will give you pain in the nipples. Don’t give up. I am now on my fifth week and the pain is totally gone. Noa and Missy have a 2-year breastfeeding gap. I though it won’t hurt at all to breastfeed again after the break, I was wrong. I went back to scratch, including the pain.
  • Drink 2 glasses of water before and after breastfeeding or expressing milk.
  • Express milk 15-20 minutes for each side of the breast if you are using a single breast pump. If possible, start expressing once you pass your fourth week because your breast milk supply is already steady and stable.
  • Always label the breast milk that you express before storing them. Rule when feeding expressed milk from the fridge, first in, first out.
  • Buy an insulated bag and ice packs if you plan to express milk when you’re out. 

As mommies, making milk is a superpower and we shouldn’t get sick, should we?

My Realizations

These are the five things that keep me sane right now that I have a newborn. If you are an expecting mom, you can check these items out. Read more about them. And if I convinced you to get an item or two from my list, I’d be happy to know about it.

Having a child might tempt us to do a lot of shopping. We might as well be guided on what is really needed. In reality, a newborn doesn’t really need a lot of things because all they do is sleep, poop, feed and repeat. Just be mindful because instead of splurging on what we think is needed, why not just save the money for more important things s/he needs in the future. Can I hear vaccines? ♥



Glaiza is a Filipino Home & Lifestyle Blogger, Proud Mom & Military Wife. She believes that a happy and informed family life is both a choice and responsibility. Motherhood is a blessing, and best traveled by sharing and inspiring others. ♥



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