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My Second Birthing Story: And Now We’re Four!

It’s been a month since I gave birth to Missy, the newest member of our troop.

It’s seven o’clock in the morning of September 20th. I set my alarm at this time on weekdays because my eldest Noa needs to prepare for school. That week was the 39th week of my pregnancy. I knew I was due to pop anytime. I was still lying in our bed as I kept on hearing the sound of the alarm coming from my mobile phone. However, it wasn’t a pleasant nor relaxing time because of the bothersome pain coming from my tummy.


Baby #2 at 9 weeks

I did not dwell much into the pain I was feeling because I was more focused on gathering strength to get up from bed to prepare my Kinder for school. Despite my busyness in giving Noa a bath, feeding her and all, the pain did not go away. Thankfully, my mom was there that morning to keep us company. I went on dressing up Noa and packing her bag and snacks. My mom was the one who brought Noa to school because I told her of the pain I was feeling then. My mom and Noa left for school.

Contractions: For Real or False Alarm?

Eight in the morning, I went back to bed because of the contractions. I picked up the phone to call my youngest brother to come over and drive for me. After taking a bath, I prepared the other stuff to put in the car like fresh beddings and pillows. Thirty minutes later, my brother arrived, followed by my mom. I told them, “I think it’s time!”

We left our home a quarter before nine, only to be greeted by the Katipunan traffic jam.

My agony officially started. It was one of the most painful hours of my life. I was literally punching the window of the front seat. I was there sitting, all curled up because I was terribly in pain. Finally, we arrived at the hospital past 10AM.


I went straight to the Emergency Room. I’ve spoken to one of the OB Interns on duty and told her that I was having constant pain. She immediately assisted me to the Examination Room and called up her senior. I underwent the usual Internal Examination (IE) to find out my condition. After the I.E, the OB told me to walk around for a few minutes so that the baby could “drop.” I was too occupied on managing my pain that I forgot to ask about how far I was in dilation.

I walked around just as told. Nothing far and long. I think I was able to walk for about 15 minutes when I decided to head back to the triage. Truth be told, it was too hot outside and I wanted to cool myself down with some A/C. I was a few steps away when the intern on duty who first assisted me approached me saying that my OB was already looking for me. It’s time to go back to the examination table. It was almost 11AM.

I waited for about ten minutes to get another round of I.E. The OB did not tell me anything again after the examination. But when we finished, she already started calling out a bunch of people to where we were.

Labor Room, Here I Come!

With an intact water bag, I already sensed the commotion. I assertively opened my mouth and asked the attending OB of my status. She finally told me that they are already admitting me because I was already 7cm dilated. The medical staff filled the room. There was this one who asked me of my personal details, another one withdrawing blood, changing my clothes to hospital gown, and another one putting me on IV. All these were happening while I was experiencing extreme and active labor pains. Next thing I know was they were already wheeling me to the Labor Room. If my memory serves me right, these things happened around lunch time.


I was still completely awake and sane. The pain was real. But it wasn’t the kind of pain that I felt when I was on labor with Noa. Or maybe was it already five years ago that I almost forgot about it? That moment, I couldn’t understand why it was taking a long time before they bring me to the delivery room. I was already talking to about three OBs who were with me to please bring out that baby.

They did not give me nor I asked for any epidural. I stuck to my birth plan to deliver normally. While on labor, one of the OBs instructed me on how to properly push the baby out. I couldn’t exactly recall the time when all these were happening but when they moved me to the Delivery Room, we reviewed the pushing out notes again.

I was a bit frustrated because I thought we were still practicing. What I didn’t know was we were already delivering the baby. I remembered pushing my baby out four to five times before I heard her first cry. Then I heard somebody shouted, “12:45PM baby out!” Then they put the baby on my chest for Unang Yakap.

Hello, Little Miss!

Missy (her nickname) as Noa first called her little sister, was born on September 20th, a day before my birthday. She weighed almost 7lbs and 53cm in length. She has a very good APGAR score, too. We were roomed-in to breastfeed.


(Sorry for not revealing our baby’s full name. I hope to protect my child’s privacy and personal details. What I can tell is she was named after our mothers’ names. Her name is a combination of two names that meant “pleasant,” and “oath of God/God is satisfaction.”)

My little girl and I only stayed at the hospital for 24 hours. My husband was not there when I delivered because he was supposed to take his paternity leave on September 24th. But since I already delivered, he was granted permission to leave right away so he could bring us home.


Missy is really growing well on her first month. We are doing exclusive breastfeeding. I am happy because as per her last pedia visit, she has gained weight. I hope to breastfeed her at least as long as I have breastfed Noa for 2 1/2 years.

If I am to compare my two delivery experience, I must say that Noa’s was long but less painful. On the other hand, Missy’s was very short but more painful. My birthing experiences might be totally different from one another but definitely worth the pain. Yes, I am now a proud mom of two beautiful little girls!


We made it through safe and sound!

I am Grateful

Thank you to my husband for all his love and support, and for coming home. To my mom who was with me while I was delivering; and my parents-in-law for watching over Noa, for always bringing food and all the stuff I need while I was recuperating. To my brother for driving me safely to the hospital.

And to our friends for your prayers and well wishes, and the brands I’ve worked with in the past for sending welcome presents for Missy to our home–Danga-Obias FamilyMustela Philippines, Sew Childhood, Pampers, Smart Steps, Honeysuckle Breastmilk Bags, Oxo Tot Philippines, Lassig PhilippinesPigeon Philippines, and Discovery Hotel Group.

On behalf of my family, we thank you all for your love, support and prayers for me and our little Missy.

Hopefully, I can get back to active blogging again. You will hear more of my adventures with my kids. Let’s start this Saturday because I will be attending my first set of events after four weeks, post partum. ♥


I haven’t proofread this entry yet. The baby is now crying. Please be kind to my spelling and grammatical lapses. 😉

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