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#SiguradoKa Tips for Mom’s “Finding Nemo” Moment

No one can exactly predict when accidents, disasters and calamities will strike. But this doesn’t mean that we will just let them happen without a fight. But as parents, how do we fight and win against the unknown especially when they already involve our children?

Finding Noa

I assume you already know who Nemo is and what happened to him, so I’ll skip the storytelling, okay?

I always bring Noa with me whenever I have my prenatal checkup when I was still pregnant with Missy. One morning after my checkup, I told Noa that I need to go to the restroom before heading home. She was with me the whole time (I bring her even inside the cubicle) because I don’t want to lose sight of her.

On our way out, she was walking in front of me, and I was looking for the exit door of the hospital for a few seconds when my daughter suddenly disappeared! I swear, it was only about 3-5 seconds when she ran away from me. I briskly walked going her direction but I couldn’t find her! How could she disappear that fast from my sight? I asked the guard on duty if he saw a five-year-old girl wearing a purple shirt passed by the door. There wasn’t any! It really freaked out the preggy in me!


I traced back the places where we went, the triage, restroom, waiting area, etc. but there was no Noa. I already cried a few tears and I thought of going to my mother-in-law’s (MIL) canteen business space at the Food Court to ask for help in finding Noa.

Lo and behold, there was she, eating lunch happily. My emotions were still high and I just broke into tears. I told my MIL whole story. She was even surprised that Noa found her way to the Food Court without me. All along, my MIL thought that I was tailing Noa.


(Almost) losing Noa was definitely an emergency for me. It is a nightmare for any parent. I know you’ve had your fair share of almost losing your child in a public place. I’m sure it scared the hell out of you. In cases like this, here’s some tips to consider when you think you lost your child.

  • At home before leaving, remind your school-aged child to always stay within your sight. If they want or need to go somewhere, he should ask you to go with them. 
  • For younger children, best tip really is to always keep an eye on them. But for the worst case scenarios of kalikutan, before heading out, write down on a piece of paper, the name of the child, age, your name (parent’s/companion) and contact number and put it on the child’s pocket. In case somebody finds your child, like concerned individuals or security personnel, they know how to reach you.
  • Orient your child to stay calm in case they cannot find you. Tell them to try his best not to cry because it will attract attention (of both with good and bad intentions). Instruct the child to always look for a uniformed security guard or sales person (look for someone wearing an ID if possible) in the area and ask for help. Tell them that they can always spot a security person at the entrance/exit doors.
  • Tell your child to stay in the area where he lost you. As adults, we always go back to the place where we lost something, isn’t it? This principle also works. So instruct your child not to wander around looking for us because it will be more challenging to find something if the coverage is already wide.
  • At home, make it goal to know the important emergency numbers. Luckily, 911 is now centralized in the Philippines.


I am a firm believer of raising street smart children. As a mom, I want to make sure that they will know what to do in case an emergency like this happen. At the end of the day, we are always after the safety and security of our children wherever they may be. No matter how much we want it, we can never be with them 24/7.



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“An ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure”, they say. When we are prepared enough with knowledge on how to deal with emergency situations, we can be called a #SiguradoKa mom. We can never predict when accidents, disasters and calamities will strike. But surely, we will not just let them happen without giving them a good fight.

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