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Crafted With Care: Belo Baby Hand Sanitizer

My eldest Noa is very fond of her little sister Missy. She always likes cuddling and caressing her baby sister’s face every time she comes home from school. As their mom, I am a bit strict when it comes to Missy since she is only turning four months. For this reason, my favorite line to throw at Noa every day is: “Please clean your hands first before touching Missy!”

In fairness to Noa, she is an obedient girl. See, it really pays to explain that when we’re out, we get in touch with millions of germs. And these germs could make people sick. But as moms, it is very important for us to teach to our children the importance of maintaining our hands clean so we don’t get sick ourselves. When our hands are thoroughly clean, we also help others keep the pink of their health.

You know how kids are. Children are naturally curious souls. Sometimes they obey. Sometimes they don’t. No matter how much we try to be present in our child’s life, we cannot monitor where they go or what they touch 24/7. Whenever she’s at school, how sure am I that she’s washing her hands before mealtime? Did she even wash her hands after playing with the monkey bars during outdoors?

Last Monday, I let Noa try on Belo Baby Hand Sanitizer. I asked her to pick one bottle out of the three that we currently have. Let us have a quick rundown of what we have noticed on the Belo Baby Hand Sanitizer.

The Look:

At a glance, the packing is really fun to look at because of its vibrant colors. My daughter also was able to identify its variants: Blueberry and Apple. But she had mistaken peach for orange.

The Smell:

Noa said she wanted to try the Belo Baby Hand Sanitizer in Blueberry first. I think she chose this because she loves blueberries.

  • Peach – mild and powdery
  • Green Apple – shower-fresh scent
  • Blueberry – mild and fruity

The Price:

Php49.75 for 50ml spray bottle

The Belo Baby Hand Sanitizer was easily welcomed by my preschooler because of its playful and chic appearance. When I told her that it could also kill 99% of germs and could make her hands really clean, she said, “So, it’s also clever, Mom!”

Remember moms, in all things, we should always supervise our young children when they use anything.

If you are going to ask me if I’d buy the Belo Baby Hand Sanitizer again once we finish our bottles, it’s a yes! It is also great for travels when you’re on the road and have no access to clean water, sink and soap. If you’re curious, my favorite is the Peach variant, next is Green Apple. Leave the Blueberry for Noa.

The Belo Baby Hand Sanitizer is crafted with care for the most delicate skin, for the most meticulous moms of today. For more information on this product and more from Belo Baby, you can visit or like Belo Baby on Facebook. #BeloBaby




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Mandy Yanga

I am very picky to skin products when it comes to my baby’s skin because he is more sensitive than the others. Hopefully this Belo Baby hand sanitizer works for him since it does not contain any harmful chemicals. Thank you for recommending this!



no harmful chemicals caught my attention, we really need to check labels sa mga binibili natin.. thank you for sharing, umorder ako sa Sample Room nung makita ko they have it. Will try them as soon as they arrive.


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