Crafting New Year’s Resolution with the Family

Everybody wants good change. We all have something deep inside of us that we want to change for the better.

I bet in the coming weeks, our family conversations and social media feed timelines would be filled with talks of crafting New Year’s Resolution for the coming year. These acts hope to bring good change to someone’s life.

Noa draws our family

But have you ever thought of crafting a New Year’s Resolution as a family? Why do we need to do this as a family? I see three reasons, and they are to:

  1. Foster a more harmonious relationship with one another.
  2. Create a more loving environment for each member of the household.
  3. Improve ourselves for the betterment and benefit of our family.

For this good change to be achieved through crafting a New Year’s Resolution with the family, let us do a quick recall on how to do S.M.A.R.T. planning. These steps may already be a cliché for most of us but they are great reminders.

Family New Year’s Resolution Crafting

When planning for a list of Family New Year’s Resolution, we should be:

  • Specific as possible. First, jot down the things you wish for the family to achieve, a goal. For example, in the past year, a lot of members were sick. You might want to start with having a cleaner home. Children are taught and scheduled to do household chores on a daily basis, depending on their age and capacity.
  • Measurable/Attainable If in the previous year, almost every month someone gets sick, you can measure the current year’s attainability if you skip a month and everybody’s healthy.
  • R Is keeping a good health for everyone a realistic goal? Yes!
  • Time-bound? You can compare the sickness statistics your family has from the previous year by the end of the year.

In our case there weren’t a lot of sickness incidents in the past year. So this year, one of my family’s New Year’s Resolutions is to maintain everyone’s good health. Being a mom of two, I am committing myself to serving healthy and balanced meals to my husband and two little girls.

As a mom, since I am satisfied with the performance of Propan TLC being my eldest daughter’s vitamin supplement, we will continue with it. We liked Propan TLC because it has Lysine (that helped boost Noa’s appetite), and 100% RENI of Vitamin C for stronger immunity.

It also has Chlorella Growth Factor and Vitamin D to boost height and improve bone development. (I always receive a comment that Noa is tall for her age). Also Taurine for proper brain function. As parents, it is important that we choose our vitamins supplement well because they are our partner in nourishing our children.

Just like what the pop superstar Michael Jackson sung, for change to happen, we must first look in the mirror. For change really happen if we begin with ourselves. If we change for the good, our family will surely be the first one to notice and benefit from it.

A successful road to good change takes Commitment because it will result to Harmony at home. When we learn that Acceptance of one’s shortcomings is also to provide them Nourishment. As a result, Gratitude will be everyone’s Encouragement to strive for a better year.

This is the essence of crafting New Year’s Resolution.

A fruitful and healthy 2017 to all of you and your family, my dear Musers! ♥

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Glaiza is a Filipino Home & Lifestyle Blogger, Proud Mom & Military Wife. She believes that a happy and informed family life is both a choice and responsibility. Motherhood is a blessing, and best traveled by sharing and inspiring others. ♥

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