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Hello, February!

It’s midnight and I cannot sleep. Another month has passed. If this blog happened to be a house, it’s already been filled with cobwebs.

I’m listening now to Bruno Mars’ “Versace On The Floor” while typing this. 🙂 Can I just say that his album 24K Magic is awesome? It’s my recent Spotify playlist favorite. Anyway, I’d just like to update you on what’s happening with my life. It’s still the same, my husband and I haven’t found a suitable helper to help me at home and in taking care of Noa and Missy. This is mainly why I don’t get to post here a lot. I’ve been active though on my social media pages. I am resorting to “micro-blogging” for now. Hang in there because I’ve been adjusting well these days.

Missy already turned 20 weeks. It also means that I’ve been exclusively breastfeeding her that long. I’m really glad that I am able to nourish her through what my body can produce. My breastfeeding motto: Breastfeed one day at a time.

Missy’s pedia, my aunt, already gave us a go signal to begin feeding solids if we like. My husband and I talked about it and both decided to delay doing so until Missy reaches her sixth month. I’m feeling excited and relieved about this since she’s got plenty of time to familiarize herself to eating fruits and vegetables. It will be easier for me to do leave and do something for myself later this year. More about this story below.

There’s been a few things I look forward to happening this year. For one, I am really praying that my husband gets his assignment here in the Metro. He’s been working oceans away from us for the last nine years. Next month, my husband and I will be celebrating our tenth year. For others, they jokingly call it their “jowaniversary.” Oh yes, I’ve somehow braved  the distance for a decade now. Being married to a military man is really a walk in the (thorny and rocky) park! :p

As for my other kid, Noa, she’s now in Kinder and we all know what’s next after this: Grade 1!

Grade 1, Grade 1,freaking Grade 1!! I officially feel old. I cannot believe that I am about to send her to elementary school in June! Where did the time go? I am starting to get nervous for her. My husband and I haven’t decided yet if we are moving her to a big school. But according to Noa, she doesn’t want to be Grade 1. I already have a few schools in my list but it will really depend on Noa’s readiness to move out of her current school.

Another event I am excited about to happen this year is my upcoming trip to Korea! I am applying for a vacation leave from my husband/father of my kids because I am leaving alone with a bunch of (single) girlfriends. Right now, I am preparing my documents because I am applying for a Korean tourist visa.

Myeongdong” (photo from Thousand Wonders)

I dread this a bit because I am going to kiss some money goodbye if the consul won’t grant me a visa. Why? Because I already have plane tickets! Seriously, I am confident that I’m gonna get an approval because of my strong social ties to the country. Hello, I am married with two kids! If I don’t return to PH, my husband will hunt me down for sure! :p

So Land of Kimchi, see you soon! 🙂

This week, I will be featuring two products that I love. If you’ve been following me on Facebook or Instagram, I’m sure you’ve already seen my posts about the Haakaa Breast Pump and the new accessories I got for my Lillebaby All Seasons carrier.

So I will say goodbye for now. It’s been a while since I made a personal post like this. I’m off to a Baking Workshop today with my kids. You know, it’s difficult for me to leave home without them. It is organized by a well-known small kitchen appliance globally. I’m excited to learn more recipes that I could prepare for my family. I will be sharing them with you too so please stay connected with me.

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