Baby Approved: Potato and Chicken Puree Recipe

My youngest daughter Missy already turned nine months last week. She’s now being adventurous when it comes to the food I give her. This week, I started combining two different kinds of food for more flavor and texture.

This recipe is actually very simple, easy to prepare, and healthy. I only used three (3) ingredients to make it: US potatoes, chicken breast, and breastmilk. I chose breastmilk to go with potato and chicken since Missy is still breastfeeding and I still have stash in the fridge. If you don’t want to use breastmilk, you can simply use your child’s drinking water in this recipe.

I am sure that these three main ingredients are readily available in your pantry so you can prepare it anytime you want.

Here’s what you need to do:

  1. After washing thoroughly, cut your US potatoes and chicken into small pieces. This will ensure that they will be steamed (cooked) well and faster. Since we already cut the potatoes in smaller pieces, they will be ready in about 15-20 minutes.
  2. After steaming, you can put them together in the blender. Depending on how consistent you want the baby food to become (runny/watery or paste-like), add in the breastmilk/water.
  3. If your baby already enjoys texture, shorten the blending time of the US potatoes, chicken breast and breastmilk/water in the blender.

Did you know that US potatoes are excellent source of vitamin C and B6, a good source of potassium (more than a banana), fiber, and is naturally fat, low in sodium, and cholesterol free? A medium sized potato only contains 110 calories.

When US Potato is combined with chicken breast (that is packed with protein) and the many great known benefits of breastmilk, this is a great set of first food for complementary feeding. If you are not into chicken, you can also combin potato with broccoli or beef, squash, or carrots.

You can store this baby food in BPA-free containers for three (3) days in the fridge or up to (3) months in a deep freezer. If you have baby food storage cups or even an ice tray with a cover, you can make use of them, too.

Did Missy like the food I prepared for her?

Her smile says it all! So if you are also into complementary feeding these days or you are preparing to do so soon, I hope you try this US Potato Chicken Baby Food Puree, too at home. I also have to remind you to seek your child’s pediatrician before introducing any food because some foods might be an allergy trigger to him or her.

As a bonus, here’s a video I took when Missy first tried this recipe.

Did my little customer like the food I prepared for her today? ?

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A happy and healthy feeding to your little ones, too! 🙂

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