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In a few more weeks, my youngest daughter Missy will blow her first birthday candle.

I cannot believe how time flew by quickly. I feel like giving birth to her only happened yesterday. Missy and I have been inseparable since Day One. I must say that she’s the clingier one than her Ate Noa. Both my kids are both breastfed so they are really close to me.

When Missy hit her sixth month, aside from starting complementary feeding, I began to notice her unstoppable energy. She began doing acrobatic moves while we breastfeed. I find it funny at times to see her do some silly moves. However, there are days (especially when I’m exhausted), I don’t find it cute anymore. Her “kalikutan” has also reached our diaper changing time.

In the morning after my eldest leaves for school, I give Missy a bath. Again, it’s a struggle to give her a bath these days because she’s super likot. When we finish bath time, I put on her diaper. The diaper that we are using still has the usual tapes on both sides. Missy won’t take lying down for a long time; so after bath time, it is a struggle to keep her pinned down. I began to regret using her taped diapers. From that day on, I swore I’m switching to pull-ups.


InstaSuot MamyPoko Pants

As a mother, one important factor for me in choosing a diaper for my children is its performance. In short, I don’t like leaking diapers. Since Missy is a breastfed baby, we always have a “yellow explosion” episode every time. Diaper leakage also equates to stain in onesies, diaper cover, pajamas or shorts!

Five (5) Things About Mamypoko InstaSuot Pants:

  1. Triple Ring Support – it provides all around leakage protection around Missy’s waist and legs.
  2. Easy to Wear – it has double stretch waist bands that gives Missy a perfect fit while she’s wearing it.
  3. Super Absorbent – one diaper can last us up to 10 hours so we use Mamypoko every night to make Missy sleep longer.
  4. Soft cover like cotton – Mamypoko is easy on the skin, it is soft so it is definitely friendly for the baby’s sensitive skin.
  5. Cute design – Talk about how cute to see Poko-chan, Mamypoko’s brand ambassador printed on the diaper cover!


Child-rearing is already challenging on its own. Make it a step easier by choosing a diaper that will help us in taking care of our babies. Diaper changing should not be a burden. Instead, we can make use of this time to give more hugs, kisses and lots of cuddles to our little ones. After all, they will only become children once.

Instasuot Mamypoko Pants is available in sizes: small, medium, large, extra-large, and double XL. Mamypoko pants-style diaper can now be worn even by small babies up to 3 years old!

Did you know you can have Mamypoko diaper pants right at your doorsteps? Yes, aside from getting them at your favorite supermarket, you can order Mamypoko at Lazada, too!

Mamypoko is on Facebook! Please follow them for more updates, join their contests and promotions and who knows, you might win some cool prizes for your baby that will make you smile as a mom today!

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