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It’s Halloween and I’m Resurrected!

Happy Halloween everyone! First of all, this is my comeback post after almost three months. I’ve had a very busy schedule; wearing various hats for my family, especially my kids. Taking care of two wonderful girls with no helper has really taken up much of my time.

I’ve always tried living up to my mantra that I am a mom first of all before being a blogger. To all of you who had waited for my return patiently, I will do my best to write at least once a week to update you of the happenings.

To start off, I have a lot of topics to write about. This includes Missy’s first birthday bash, my momcation to Seoul, and of course my recent mom product finds.

Speaking of recent finds, Noa went on Trick or Treating yesterday here at our place together with the other kids in our neighbor hood. We also invited one of her closest friends at school to join us. We were happy that they said yes to our invitation. To welcome them here at home, we’ve decided to prepare a simple merienda/snack that they could partake with us.

We cooked Chicken Enchiladas for our home guests. The ingredients are readily available at your favourite supermarket. The cooking procedure is also very easy. I asked for my little sister’s help in whipping this dish since I had to pause along the preparation because I had to breastfeed Missy.

While I was at the sofa nursing Missy, I’ve been watching my sister continue the cooking. I am very happy that she liked my cooking tools and equipment in my kitchen. She said that she particularly liked my Meyer Brown Sugar Open Frypan and Covered Dutchoven. See, my pot and pans from Meyer are even #TitaApproved!

I’ve been using Meyer’s Brown Sugar line in preparing our home cooked dishes. I am using an induction stove at home and I’ve got no problems using them side by side. Did you know that you can use this Meyer line to both gas and induction stove? I am using both the open frypan and dutchoven almost everyday and cooking has always been a breeze. The Meyer Brown Sugar is true to its claim being non-stick and easy peasy to clean!

After preparing the chicken and the sauce mixture, we’ve placed the pita bread in the Lifestyle square baking pan. We love how six tortilla breads fit perfectly inside the pan! You know having these kitchen tools and cooking equipment made me feel enthusiastic to cook again. Gone are the days that I have to scrub my pots and pans because they claim to be non-stick when they aren’t!

For a busy mom like me without a helper, I’d definitely trust Meyer again if I need more pans and pots for my kitchen! And oh, before I forget, last week I went to the department store and I discovered that Meyer is on sale!

If you are thinking of a gift for the women in your family, let me recommend Meyer. We can also take advantage of their nationwide sale at your favourite department store (Cooking/Kitchen section).

How generous of Meyer in partnership with Robinsons Department store for even giving free GCs for every purchase!

As homemakers, we should not take chances in the kind of cookware that we entrust our food with. We should make it a point to turn to a cookware brand that is trusted by the world because of its quality and reputation that has been proven through the test of time. So when you’re in search for a cookware to partner with you in preparing meals not just this Halloween, and this coming Christmas, look for Meyer.

I get my updates on their products and other ongoing promos at Meyer Cookware Philippines on Facebook so please give them a like, or you can visit their website at

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