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5 Useful Travel Apps For Your Korea Trip

Traveling to Seoul is easier when you’re armed with reliable travel apps right at your fingertips.

Forget Google maps for now because it wasn’t so useful when I visited Korea. It didn’t really work as much as I’ve expected because it either gave me incomplete or even more confusing instructions on how to go places.

Top Five Apps For Your Korea Trip

Aside from the no-brainer, a must-have, Visit Korea: Official Guide app, today, I will recommend you some travel apps that are tried and tested to be useful during my vacation to Seoul.

©Seoul Subway Map – SMRTC

1. Subway Korea (Subway Route Navigation)
  • Developer: Malang
  • Cost: FREE
Kakao Metro – Subway Navigation
  • Developer: Kakao Corporation
  • Cost: FREE

Unless you’re renting your own car or planning to really spend on cab fares (unless you just shopped at Lotte Mart, E-Mart, or Homeplus), the Subway Korea app is a travel must-have! Korea has a complicated yet efficient subway system so it is best to have this handy on your phone.

I love Korea’s public transport system, both bus and trains. They are cheap, fast, and accessible. If your battle cry in every travel you do is to “act like a local,” riding their mass transportation is a must.

You can either have the Kakao Metro or the Subway Korea. They both offer the same service. It would just be a matter of how friendly or easy the navigation of the app is for you while using it. Nevertheless, both are excellent for me. I downloaded both in case the other crashes or have issues.

These two apps could direct you to the nearest subway station from your current location. You just need to input your station destination and it will show you the following information:

2. Kakao Bus
  • Developer: Kakao Corporation
  • Cost: FREE

There are instances during your travel that you don’t feel like taking the train or walking to transfer and your best bet is to ride a bus.

This is the app you need to have to guide you on where to find the nearest bus station and schedule.

3. XE Currency
  • Developer: Inc.
  • Cost: FREE

Want to know the latest currency exchange? You can see your local currency’s value against the other foreign currencies in just one screen at the same time!

I just have to warn you though, frequent conversion to Philippine Peso (for Filipinos) from Korean Won will ruin your appetite and shopping plans. *wink*

4. Google Translate
  • Developer: Google LLC
  • Cost: FREE

Korea is lovely but a downside to traveling there is that there are still a lot of Koreans who cannot speak English well. This applies to the locals living in the provinces, owners of hole in the wall restaurants, and some vendors in Dongdaemun and Namdaemun.

You can even take a picture of a signage in Korean and this app will translate it for you real time.

Just click on the camera icon found on the lowermost left and take a picture of the Korean words you want translated. Voila, it will be translated to you right away. This was helpful for me back at the guesthouse too if I couldn’t figure out what the remote control says for my TV or aircon unit.

5. MangoPlate
  • Developer: MangoPlate
  • Cost: FREE

Korea is home to delicious food in almost every corner of the city. In fact, during my 12-day stay, I don’t recall any food that did not pass my taste buds!

If you find yourself confused where to dine or where to find a particular food, drink, or dessert in the area where you’re at, I suggest keeping MangoPlate within your reach.

As a first time traveler to Seoul, I couldn’t imagine how I’d survive my almost two-week stay there if not for these apps. So if you are traveling to Korea soon and you’re looking for recommendations, these apps got you covered.

What other useful apps would you recommend when traveling to Korea? ♥

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