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Nice To “Smell” You Again, Denenes!

Blast from the not-so-distant-past, I first came across the scent of Denenes.

I was in sixth grade when my mother’s friend from Spain came to visit us here in the Philippines. She gave my first bottle of Denenes cologne. I was even clueless on how to pronounce its brand name correctly.

Looking back then from 2017, I could still vividly recall how big the bottle was and how I couldn’t take it to school to freshen myself up every after P.E. Thank God for the discovery of spray bottles that I could just refill it as soon as I ran out of Denenes.

Denenes: Cologne, Body Wash, Shampoo

As a tweener, I admit I only cared for its smell. Why would I bother scrutinizing the ingredients of Denenes? As long as I smell good, we’re good! However, when I became a mother, things surely have changed. I now look at it from a mother’s eye.

Every mother wants to give only the best care for her children. A mother doesn’t compromise her children’s health and well-being. It is her topmost priority.

This is the reason why I believe today’s mothers are the best researchers. They tirelessly read books, search the internet, and ask people before subjecting their children to any product or service. I can truly relate to this because before I buy something, I make sure that it is proven to be safe for my children.

Parafarma Leche Corporal Hidrante (Body Milk Lotion), Parafarma Gel Bano Cabeza (Bath Gel), and Parafarma Facial Cream

I recently discovered that there’s more to Denenes than their popular cologne. Admittedly, I didn’t know that it has a selection of skin care products for the children. More so, I wasn’t even aware that they also have a skin care line called Parafarma for those with sensitive skin conditions like Atopic Dermatitis.

We can rest our mommy hearts to the fact that Denenes has NO harmful ingredients like paraben that will hurt our children’s skin. It is made of essential oils and even PH neutral (meaning not acidic or alkalic). It has been around since 1955; believing that our children’s skin are delicate and tender. And it needs to be gently cared for and protected.

Where To Buy Denenes in the Philippines?

Where can I buy Denenes products for my children? Here in the Philippines, you can buy it at S&R, Landmark, and Landers to name a few. Here’s a complete list to help you find one store near you:

If all else fails, why not grab your phone and buy Denenes at Lazada to be delivered in your home. You can also check there for the real-time pricing.

Denenes Cologne in glass bottle at Php685 SRP

It feels good for the heart to find brands that you’ve come to love in your youth still “smelling” fresh today now that you are a mom. I have to give it to Denenes for standing strong all these years. I couldn’t help but grin when I introduced it to my six-year-old. How time flies!

From a millennial mom, Denenes has stood firmly all these years. It is continuosly exuding that unchanging, lasting smell and touch for Generation Alpha and beyond to love.

Do you also want to say, “Nice to ‘smell’ you again” with me? Visit Denenes on Facebook or @denenesphilipines on IG if you’ve missed it. ♥



Glaiza is a Filipino Home & Lifestyle Blogger, Proud Mom & Military Wife. She believes that a happy and informed family life is both a choice and responsibility. Motherhood is a blessing, and best traveled by sharing and inspiring others. ♥



Nakakamiss ang amoy nyan. Amoy fresh 😁


Glaiza Garcia

Yeah! Lakas maka-throwback. Now I’m happy because I learned new things about Denenes. Aside from cologne, they have other skin care products to offer us. They even make it more accessible for us to buy. No more reason to say we cannot get a hold of the Denenes product that we like. 🙂


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