I welcome Press Releases from anyone and I publish it just as long as I sincerely believe in your product, service or event. If you also have some events that you’d like to promote, please send me the complete details, posters, etc. via email.

Want to have your product or service featured/reviewed, invite me to your bloggers event, media launch or press briefing, send an email to moomymusings(at)gmail.com or glaiza(at)moomymusings.com.

In case you are planning to invite me to participate in your event, I only request you to please honor the resources I share with you (time, effort, etc.) Please make all the hassle worth it since I am a geographically single mom, singlehandedly raising my children and managing a household alone. My time is very important for my household.


The posts that are published here which are tagged as “Advertorials,” meant that the brands I’ve worked with freely sent me their item/s, products or availed services for review or featured post purposes but the opinions expressed in the article are my own.

Lastly, if you find my article or photos interesting, feel free to share or borrow it anytime. Just kindly acknowledge and link back to Moomy Musings in your posts or sharing. I’d be very happy to learn that you did! 🙂

Fee free to write me an email if you want to connect with me for questions, inquiries, corrections and clarifications. I don’t claim to be an expert so I welcome them. ♥


  1. Bianca Co says:

    Hi! I’m Bianca Co from TeleTech, one of the country’s top BPO. I’ve read your blogs and just wondering if you might be interested to feature or publish content about TeleTech in exchange for little token of appreciation. I hope you’ll find time to email back at biancaco@teletech.com. Thank you! 

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