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glaiza-wallpaperI’m Glaiza, a Mommy Blogger from Manila, Philippines. I am mom to two beautiful girls: Noa, and the recent addition to our troop, Missy.

This is a lifestyle / mommy blog that I started in November 2011 when my eldest daughter was only 4 months old.

This blog was just intended to document her milestones to update my husband while he works away from us. It has evolved into a passion on sharing about everything I love through writing. It includes my musings on womanhood, parenting, marriage, food & travel, motherhood, travel experiences here and abroad, practical shopping finds, and the new product trends for the home and kids.

This blog also touches on our journey as a military family.

My blogging style is EXPERIENTIAL. I draw CREDIBILITY in blogging from these “many hats” that I wear every single day. I see my blog as my brainchild so I make sure that I only share about the things that I believe in here.

Why Moomy Musings Exists?

I love and support any endeavor that promotes stronger family ties and celebrates womanhood. I love exploring new products and services that would help me take care of myself and my family well. I believe in raising godly, independent, happy, street-smart, and responsible children. I love attending and promoting family oriented activities that would allow parents like us to make informed choices.

Moomy Musings is also an avenue for me to support my advocacy on breastfeeding and the welfare of military orphans.

I believe that at this modern time and tech-age, everything we need to know to become better persons and parents to our children is already in front of us. I am no parenting expert but I know I have things in me that you could all draw lessons and inspirations from.

Let Me Hear From You!

I also like to learn from you. I am always happy to read your comments. You are free to express anything you want as long as you do it with respect. 🙂

If we have the same set of values about family life, child development, womanhood, and in parenting, and you want to have someone support you, I’d very happy to help you in any way I can. This little cyber home can also be your home. Please feel free to write me an email if you’d like to share a story, or have someone pray with you.

To know more about the amazing brands that I’ve collaborated with, please visit my BLOG PARTNERS page.

Get In Touch With Me!

Feel free to CONTACT Moomy Musings at my social media accounts or by emailing me at moomymusings(at) or glaiza@(at)

Who says MOTHERHOOD can’t be this FUN and BEAUTIFUL? ♥



Nice blog. Lots of informative article. Keep up the great work!



Finally, I was able to drop by! Love reading your blog Glaiza! 🙂 Thank you for keeping us informed of what’s new out there! 🙂 Stay happy and F.A.B.! 🙂


April Rose Calinog

Hi there Glaiza, I admit I’m still getting to know you more that’s why I am now browsing your page to start, and of course I need to know you more first. As I was reading this i was really inspired by the thought that I myself is a mom too who wishes nothing but my baby welfare and the like. Thanks for inspiring lots of moms like me. I know I will be reading more of your post sooner to know more and to be more inspired as a mom..:) More power!


Jonalyn Repalda

Thanks for The cool and cute giveaways.


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